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“I have known Mark for about 15 years. We first met when he enrolled his daughter in our charter school. Over the years he has proven to be a great Father, as well as a good friend.

I have watched Mark & Gretch perform at various venues; from county fairs, festivals, supper clubs, to their own music shows at Rosewood, in Delavan, WI. I enjoyed their performances so much that I booked them to play at Breckenridge Golf and Tennis Club, (Estero, FL) my place of residence in the winter. They have performed for several sold-out events since then and are returning to sold-out engagements in November ’23 and March of 2024.

In addition, because my wife loves them, I contracted M&G to play at her surprise birthday party at our HOA in Lake Geneva, WI. It was the social event of the year. In summary, I would highly recommend M&G to play at any venue that craves energetic and personalized entertainment.”

JerryEstero, Florida

“I’ve experienced the enchanting musical world of Mark and Gretch Hladish, a duo whose performances resonate with the heartbeat of true artistry. Each show, whether under the expansive roof of their Rosewood theater in Delavan, WI or amidst the intimacy of a garden party, is an exhibition of extraordinary talent and heartfelt passion. Mark’s mastery over 20 musical instruments weaves a rich tapestry of sound, a perfect backdrop for Gretch’s soul-stirring vocals that effortlessly connect with every audience member.
Their eclectic repertoire guarantees a delightful musical journey, ensuring melodies for every ear. Don’t take my word for it. I urge those reading this to experience it for themselves—visit their website for a glimpse. But better yet, join them in person and become part of the magic. Mark and Gretch Hladish don’t just perform; they transform ordinary moments into wonderful memories.

KeithMiromar Lake, Florida

“My name is Da’sia, and I am the office manager/ lifestyle coordinator at a community in Estero, Florida. I would highly recommend Mark and Gretch. Last year I had several residents and one specifically begging for me to get them to come to our community. I booked them for a music on the lawn behind our clubhouse with over 200 people attending and let me tell you, EVERYONE left there raving about this duo. We instantly booked the following week for another event.

Their music selection was great, beautiful voices, very professional and personal. Their interaction with the crowd was wonderful. We are so happy to have them be a part of the Breckenridge Golf and Tennis Club.”

Da'sia Office Manager / Lifestyle Coordinator - Estero

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