Rosewood’s taking it outdoors with our brand new patio.

Rosewood’s taking it outdoors with our brand new patio. Stories are woven into memories amidst stone fire pits; our rough-hewn timber gazebo embraces the laughter of family and friends. Gardens become art, and romance comes alive under a star-filled sky as mixologists create their own magic at the Artisan Cabana Bar. Farm to table tours [...]

Artisan Interviews Coming Soon

We are very proud to be a collective of artisans here at Rosewood. Our walls, ceilings, counter tops, etc have all been hand crafted and meticulously designed. Stay tuned to our blog as we put together videos featuring the immeasurable talent that has gone into Rosewood.    


Garden Room ➤ Rosewood Shop Welcome back! Lots more changes in “store” for you today. And speaking of stores…… When altering the configuration of a building this size, it’s important to think through “what you want your end result to be.” For Rosewood, we have a variety of clientele using this space; many will be visiting our area from throughout […]


Millie’s Gift Haus ➤ Rosewood’s Cabaret Theater For years, Millie’s Gift Haus was one of the most beautiful boutiques in the lakes area. Offering home and seasonal decor, there was something for everyone. At Rosewood, that same space takes on a life of it’s own; it’s cathedral ceilings and beams have been “corn-cob blasted” back to their original cedar. […]

EPISODE 1: A Peek Behind The Curtain: In Process

Garden Room ➤ Rosewood Shop   We thought it was about time to “leak” some of the incredible workmanship going into Rosewood. For those of you who remember the “Garden Room” right off of Millie’s Gift Haus, there was a beautiful stained glass window between two booths. Stay tuned for that window to reappear in a future post […]

Welcome to Rosewood!

Welcome to Rosewood! We are so excited to invite you into our journey. We have known since day one, that Rosewood STARTS with us, but isn’t just FOR us. We believe this property, rooted in history, family legacy, and entrepreneurial spirit deserves to live on. We are thrilled to bring you innovative programming, events, all centered […]