Let’s face it — today’s bridal couples often see the world of floral as it’s presented on Pinterest.
For us, a bride’s bouquet is more than something to carry; it’s scent she’ll remember
long after the flowers fade. Floral design takes color, layer, and form
and creates an atmosphere that is uniquely you.

Petals and Promises brings 25+ years experience to lean on…
we pride ourselves on helping our clients navigate what is currently trending
and deliver it well within their reach.


Average Retail Prices. Prices can vary with flower types, quantity and size.

Black Lanterns


Bridal Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquets





Fairy Headpieces


Gazebo Pieces


Gazebo Pieces with Fabric


Head Table Centerpiece


Inside Displays


Prism Centerpieces


Warm White Lit Curtain - Inside Ceremony


White Wedding Chairs - Rental


Wooden Cookie


Wooden Lantern


Wrist Corsages


At Petals & Promises, we can adjust any floral quote to work within a reasonable budget by choosing a variety of flowers that create the same look and feel you are hoping for.

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