EPISODE 1: A Peek Behind The Curtain: In Process

Garden Room ➤ Rosewood Shop


We thought it was about time to “leak” some of the incredible workmanship going into Rosewood. For those of you who remember the “Garden Room” right off of Millie’s Gift Haus, there was a beautiful stained glass window between two booths. Stay tuned for that window to reappear in a future post – as the central focal point of our built-in back bar in our state-of-the-art Theater. For now, watch this room’s transition, in process, into Rosewood’s Shop – sure to tickle the fancy of locals and travelers with farm to table specialty items, and signature Wisconsin treasures.

Courtyard ➤ Garden Entrance


Our courtyard has always been the perfect place to unwind. The lakes area is known for it’s signature outdoor entertainment areas; Rosewood’s theater goers will love our new garden entrance. Designed by master craftsman/artisan Dennis Dahl, he wanted to capture the open feeling of a front porch where patrons could relax and enjoy the nature around them. Guests can stroll our garden paths, gather unique homespun treasures in our shopping village, or sit a spell and relax in our picturesque gazebo.

Gift Haus ➤ Rosewood Cabaret Theater


It was October of 2006, and Mark & I met a wonderful couple of restauranteurs from Delavan, WI (Bill and Maureen Slater) who gave us a chance to create the cottage industry of Mark & Gretch Productions as we know it today. We created 16 themed shows, sold over 30,000 tickets to a 74 person boutique theater at Millie’s Restaurant & Shopping Village between November 2006 through December 2012. It only seemed right to return to the scene of the magic. We searched for the best location to expand our theater concept with the kind of technology, sound and lighting that would create a listening room and intimate cabaret-styled theater uncommon to Southeastern Wisconsin. With the help of some incredibly creative craftsmen and women, artisans in stone, wood, metal and paint, we truly believe we’ll have something extraordinary to offer the leisure and group sales markets of Wisconsin, Illinois, and beyond. Here’s the transformation in process from the Gift Haus into Rosewood’s Listening Room with our new picture windows “letting the outdoors in.”